Writing a gem with bundler definition

What Is a Bundle?

Writing a gem with bundler definition

Further reading Bundler is the default gem dependency manager for Ruby projects. Bundler is the way to manage your gems on Heroku. Almost any gem - even those with native dependencies - can be installed using Bundler.

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Using Bundler To use, install bundler: You should also add the. Once you have added the Gemfile, it makes it easy for other developers to get their environment ready to run the app: Running bundle install also generates a Gemfile.

The flag -j4 will use 4 parallel jobs to install all of your dependencies.

writing a gem with bundler definition

This feature was introduced in bundler 1. Heroku also uses that file to resolve and install your application dependencies automatically. All you need to do is to push it: This includes your framework Rails, Sinatra, etc and your database connectors.

Bundling Rails and other dependencies does increase your slug size by a few megabytes.

writing a gem with bundler definition

Increased slug size is a worthwhile tradeoff for vastly simplified dependency management, as well as the flexibility of being able to use any version of Rails you wish.

That means there is no setup needed, all gems specified on the Gemfile are ready for use on your app.

Getting Started

Using Bundler with Rails 2. X Follow the instructions here. Remember to remove all your config. Also remember to specify the appropriate database gem for your app. Using Bundler from Sinatra or Other Rack Apps Gembundler has a great set of documentation on how to use Bundler with Sinatra and other frameworks as well.# Definition uses an empty set of locked_specs to indicate all gems # are unlocked, but GemVersionPromoter needs the locked_specs # for conservative comparison.

Cucumber supports Behavior Driven Development and software testing automation in Ruby. Hey again. Was browsing around and decided to see if I could find another solution.

Bundlers - What Does It Mean?

After a while I decided to just reinstall rbenv, ruby, rails, bundler, sqlite3 and try again. Gem Bundler helps you track and install the gems you need for your Ruby project.

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