World war one writing assignment

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World war one writing assignment

The paper should be aged to reflect that the letter was written sometime during Tea and a little mud no body fluids are some of the elements that can be used to age and soil the paper. Do not rip, crumple or burn the paper. Remember to age the paper first before writing the letter on it.

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Even though many letters during the war were written in pencil, please use a pen. CONTENT Research beyond what is covered in class is necessary for you to be able to understand the true difficulty and horror of trench warfare.

For invaluable information, access this British website: You will need to demonstrate an understanding of 10 or more words unique to World War One, such as: You should also include descriptions of daily food, rats and lice, patrols, use of sandbags and barbed wire, weapons, your daily recreational activities, your daily military tasks including stand-to and stand-down, and any other applicable elements of trench warfare.

Your letters content must separately include fact-filled discussion of two of these four major battles: Your letters should be written in the first person I, me. The body of your letter should use trench warfare terms in a meaningful way.

What events and recent activities of your war experience should you tell your audience? What did you do, what did you see, how did you feel?

Use personal information that you created about your soldier you. What is your family background?

world war one writing assignment

Invent a personality for yourself. Include details and information appropriate to the Cobourg area. Try to write as realistically as possible. Remember that you are writing during W. I, so avoid using modern slang.

Write or print legibly in complete sentences. The correct letter format includes a return address precisely where are you fighting in Europe? Males, use your real names. Females, use masculine first names and your own last names.

Ensure the one letter is appropriate for your mother while the other letter is targeted towards a younger brother or male friend who is thinking of signing up for the army.World War One Essays. Here we've compiled a list matching the top essays in our database against "world war one essays".

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world war one writing assignment

Topic: There is a story here Description: (Provide a link to a collection of bizarre photos to inspire an engaging short story.) Choose one of the images provided to focus on for this short creative writing. Directions: If you had been an American living in the s, do you think that you would have supported or opposed America?s entry into World War I?

Why or why not? Provide at least one reference, cited and referenced in the format outlined in Citations Booster to support your response.

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Great War soldier’s record is a lesson for use in the classroom. Great War website on the themes of outbreak, experience, peacemaking and remembrance.

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