Religious conflicts around the world kashmir

Kashmir has long been known for its peaceful vistas but for the 13 million inhabitants this mountainous region has been anything but peaceful. India alone has an estimatedtroops in the part it controls, four times the number of American soldiers who were in Iraq at the height of that war. Although it has a two-thirds Muslim majority, Kashmir as a whole is quite diverse, the southern region mostly Hindu, the northeast Buddhist. But for six decades this province with a land mass the size of Idaho has been bitterly fought over by India and Pakistan.

Religious conflicts around the world kashmir

After the Islamic Salvation Front won national elections inthe military annulled the elections and the winning party's military wing, The Islamic Salvation Army AISbegan a bloody rebellion.

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The rebel group called Basque Fatherland and Liberty guerrilla group ETA has waged an urban guerrilla movement against the Spanish government. The organization's goal is independence for the Basque region of northern Spain and southwestern France.

Some operations have taken place in France, causing Paris and Madrid to cooperate. Approximately deaths are attributed to the ETA's campaign. Burma Myanmar Civil War— Present: In Earth's longest running and perhaps most complex conflict, several different ethnic groups attempted to secede in the years following World War 2.

Religious conflicts around the world kashmir

Most of these groups continue the struggle to this day, along with political dissidents who took up arms after a coup. Some areas of northern Burma have been controlled by Narco-guerrillas harvesting opium, which the government has attempted to halt. Military operations near border areas have brought both rebels and the Burmese government into occasional conflict with neighboring Thailand.

Burundi Civil War— Present: The Tutsi-dominated government is fighting Hutu rebels. The rebels use neighboring Congo as a base to launch attacks, thereby giving the Burundi government reason to involve itself in the Second Congolese War.

Colombian Civil War— Present: Marxist Guerrillas began a Cuban-inspired insurgency in the s, which continued at a fairly low level until the s, when the strength of the guerrilla groups increased due to their de facto alliance with narcotics-producing crime cartels.

Over the past year sincethe violence of the conflict has increased as the government realized that negotiations with the guerrillas were not leading to a peaceful solution.

Religious conflicts around the world kashmir

The United States is providing military and logistical support to the government. Estimates put the number of dead in this war at over one million, mostly civilians.


Israeli warplanes struck a Syrian Army radar post and anti-aircraft site in Lebanon in retaliation for a Hezbollah attack on the Israel-Lebanon border in an area called the Cheba Farms. Israel believes Syria controls the Hezbollah and struck the Syrians in order to "send a message.

Israel dropped six bombs on a Syrian Army radar post in Lebanon in retaliation for a Hezbollah attack on the Israel-Lebanon border.

Israel believes Syria controls the Hezbollah. Three Syrian troops died in the attack. Israeli troops shot and killed one Syrian soldier and captured another in an apparent attempt by the Syrian soldiers to infiltrate across the border into the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

Current Religious-based Conflicts in the Middle East,

Approximately one hour after the initial shooting, a Syrian outpost opened fire on Israeli forces. Israel chose not to respond for fear of escalating the violence. Isael later turned over the body of the dead soldier and the prisoner to the United Nations for transfer back to Syria.

Three Syrians, members of a military intellegence unit, infiltrated into Israeli-Occupied territory near Mount Hermon. They fired an anitank weapon at an Israeli military outpost, killing one Israeli soldier.Although the conflict has long been cast in religious terms, Joseph Schwartzberg, a leading scholar on Kashmir, says it’s more complicated than that.

And within Kashmir, he says, there’s a. Jan 14,  · The world's two largest faiths, Christianity and Islam, make up almost half the world's population and were the most widely targetted in , facing official and social hostility in and The history of the major conflicts and wars will probably suggest several explanations, and religion is the root of all major wars around the world.

Recent Libya crisis and crises are also based on religious conflicts. The post World War II animosity between the United States and the USSR.

EFFECTS The cold war was exhibited through huge military buildups and . Religious conflict in global rise - report killed for their faith last year had doubled to 2, around the world, with Syria accounting for more than the entire global total in . 14 rows · The following is a list of ongoing armed conflicts that are taking place around .

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