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We own our sales and service network and have operationally structured our business in a manner that we believe will enable us to rapidly develop and launch advanced electric vehicles and technologies. We believe our vehicles, electric vehicle engineering expertise, and operational structure differentiates us from incumbent automobile manufacturers. We are the first company to commercially produce a federally-compliant electric vehicle, the Tesla Roadster, which achieves a market-leading range on a single charge combined with attractive design, driving performance and zero tailpipe emissions. Our Tesla Roadster offers impressive acceleration and performance without producing any tailpipe emissions.

Fmvss 108 re write asian

Suggest Documents Additionally, sponsors and observers from three more countries typically join the meetings. Ten countries and organizations have expressed their interest in IA-HEV, and we expect to grow to more than 20 member countries within the fourth phase.

Rulemaking analyses and notices A. National Environmental Policy Act C. Regulatory Flexibility Act D. Executive Order Federalism E. Unfunded Mandates Reform Act G. Paperwork Reduction Act H. Executive Order J. Executive Order L. Department of Energy review M. The agency noted in the NPRM that it was publishing a separate notice inviting the manufacturers to submit more updated product plans and stated that it recognized that the new plans might differ enough from the previously submitted plans to necessitate changes in the shape of the step function as well as in the levels of stringency of the standards.

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In addition, the agency invited public comment on a number of additional changes to the CAFE program. In response to the NPRM and request for new product plans, the agency [[Page ]] obtained a great deal of new information. Compared to the plans that the manufacturers submitted to the agency in earlythe new plans submitted in November contained a significant increase in the variety and amount of efforts to improve fuel economy.

The agency also received critiques of the analyses it performed to determine the fuel economy capabilities of the manufacturers fmvss 108 re write asian MYs In response to the public comments, the agency revised its analyses and assumptions including those related to the rate at which increased amounts of fuel saving technologies can be added to a manufacturer's fleet.

The new assumptions are closer to the assumptions made by the National Academies of Science in a study of the CAFE program, and provide increased assurance that the standards adopted today will be economically practicable. NHTSA also made other changes. It decided to base Reformed CAFE on a continuous function instead of a step function in order to reduce the incentive under Reformed CAFE for manufacturers to downsize thus reducing safety or upsize thus reducing fuel economy vehicles.

fmvss 108 re write asian

Today's Final Rule The final rule adopted today reforms the structure of the CAFE regulatory program so that it achieves higher fuel savings while enhancing safety and preventing adverse economic consequences. We have previously set forth our concerns about the way in which the current CAFE program operates and sought comment on approaches to reforming the CAFE program.

In adopting those increased standards, we noted that we were limited in our ability to make further increases without reforming the program. The Reformed CAFE structure established and institutionalized in this document minimizes those limitations by establishing a system based on light truck size, which allows us to establish higher CAFE standards for MY light trucks and achieve greater fuel savings across the industry.

In addition to the improved energy savings, this CAFE program enhances safety by eliminating the previous regulatory incentive to downsize vehicles and by raising the light truck standards so that there is no regulatory incentive from the CAFE program to design small vehicles as light trucks instead of passenger cars.

It prevents adverse economic consequences by incorporating greater consideration of economic practicability issues into the projections of the timing and rate at which manufacturers can introduce fuel economy improving technologies into their fleets, and by setting the Reformed CAFE standards, beginning in MYat the level at which marginal benefits equal marginal costs.

The Reformed CAFE standards for those model years are set at levels intended to ensure that the industry-wide costs of those standards are roughly equivalent to the industry-wide costs of the Unreformed CAFE standards for those model years.

The additional lead time provided by the transition period will aid, for example, those manufacturers that, for the first time, face a binding CAFE standard i. The Reformed CAFE standard for that model year is set at the level that maximizes net benefits by setting the fuel economy targets at the point at which marginal benefits of the last added increment of fuel savings equal the marginal costs of the added technology that produced those savings.

A single CAFE level, applicable to each manufacturer, is established for each model year. Each vehicle footprint value is assigned a target specific to that footprint value.

This differs from what we proposed. The proposal segmented the light truck fleet into six discrete categories based on ranges of footprint and assigned a target fuel economy value for each category.

The reform adopted in today's final rule is based on a continuous function.Truckin. doesn’t drone me to sleep like a double-prop plane. or write to 4-Wheel & Off-Road. Mopar Muscle. and I’m really stoked about some of the new rubber we’re seeing on the market.

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Under U.S. federal law, all vehicles sold in the U.S. must comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, or FMVSS promulgated by NHTSA, and must be certified by their manufacturer as being in compliance with all such standards.

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