Essay precis writing and comprehension examples of idioms

Precis and Comprehension Writing. In essay writing- You are asked to write an essay in around words. Here you will find examples for all English Grammar Wherever you go and whatever the article or essay or book you write, you Idioms and Phrases:

Essay precis writing and comprehension examples of idioms

While they differ from one another, their core information is the same, and Parks and his associates couldn't help noticing a surprising similarity between his flashes and the basic story written down on the ancient clay tablets - certainly more than to years old!

It was all Parks could do to refrain from plunging too deeply into these translations, so as to continue to preserve intact the history as he had received it, which contained numerous elements that were totally absent from the tablets. He found striking similarities on concepts having to do with cloning, well detailed on the tablets, which have also been discussed by modern authors Zecharia SitchinR.

Boulayand David Icke. Most important was information relating to the central personage known in Parks' first volume as Sa'am, who took other names while on the Earth - though no more essay precis writing and comprehension examples of idioms spoken of this in the interview. Many of the personages introduced in Le Secret came to Earth and persisted into the Sumerian, Egyptian, and "Biblical" epochs under various names.

We will see that the first humans on the African continent were procured over a period of several millennia for the purpose of mining gold for the "Celestial Bestiary.

essay precis writing and comprehension examples of idioms

You will see that my ideas are totally original and absolutely to be distinguished from those put forward by independent researchers who claim to have read on the clay tablets I must ask where???

The Sumerians used this same name to designate chapels in the ancient cities of Eridu and Nippur. These cult places symbolized the terrestrial manifestation of the " primordial hills " of the "gods.

Languages Unity The language in which Parks received his information was completely unlike French, yet he knew it as though it were his native tongue. For some years he had believed the language to be Hebrew, but was disabused of this idea through the use of a Hebrew syllabary a set of signs or symbols representing the sounds that make up the words.

Since these constituent sounds have their own meanings, one can use this tool to decompose and understand the complex meanings of complete words. It is this focus on the phonetic values of the syllables that distinguishes Parks' linguistic methodology. These exhibit a common base among numerous ancient languages.

Parks learned that the codification of languages was associated with the existence of castes in the society he had experienced in his visions: By the end of the s Parks understood that the phonetic values of the Gina'abul were to be found in both the Sumerian and Akkadian syllabaries.

The Sumerian language, he points out, embraces a system that was totally formed from its first appearance and which has undergone only rare developments over time. Sumerian belongs to no known linguistic group, while Akkadian - a language spoken in the north of Mesopotamia and structured from the Sumerian syllabary - is the ancestor of Assyrian and Babylonian, themselves belonging to semitic groups such as Hebrew and Arabic.

In fact, Parks found that there actually is a single Sumero-Assyro-Babylonian syllabary on which are based the principal words of numerous ancient languages: These syllabaries could be used to decompose certain biblical terms and to understand their deep meanings.

Decomposing a word required knowledge of the context that had led to the original assembling of its terms. When one understands the excessive vanity of the beings Parks experienced, one is not surprised by this appellation. Take the name Adam, which we are supposed to believe comes from the Hebrew in relation to the terms adama clod of earth?

Parks applies this method to determine and verify in detail virtually every translatable term in connection with the history he relates. In Le Secret, the number of words that he did not decompose with the aid of the Sumero-Akkadian syllabary could be counted on the fingers of one hand.

He believes he is the first to use this decomposition method. The syllables of Sumerian and Akkadian words allow Parks to decompose the principal words of other ancestral languages: That leads to a unified understanding of all languages, but discussion of this will have to await the later volumes in the series.

essay precis writing and comprehension examples of idioms

Parks does provide in the current volume the accents and numeric labeling of syllables that are part of his system. A group of these males wished to imprison the females and make them submit to abominations so as to seize that power for themselves. The females, confined by the males, developed Hermetic rites and other secrets in order to protect themselves.

In your first work, Le Secret des Etoiles Sombres, you presented a codification of Earth's ancient languages through the use of the syllabary of the Sumerian-Akkadian spoken by the ancient "gods".

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