Drug free workplace evaluation essay

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Drug free workplace evaluation essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Companies can suffer losses due to problems arising from use of drugs in the workplace.

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Health care workplaces need a lot of employees attention since whatever is considered a profit in this case is the human health.

This health has to be well taken care of, and should be through possible means of preventing any harmful risks to it. It is therefore appropriate to have policies on substance abuse. According to the United States department of labor, substance abuse program should have five components, these are; a formulated policy statement, education and awareness of employees, training by supervisors, providing help through employee assistance and testing of alcohol and drug Butler, In order to promote a drug free environment in a work place, policies must be formulated and the above mentioned components must be considered.

Drug-free Workplace Program This should be a restriction or a guideline towards the prevention of drug abuse in the workplace. Several substances are always abused for example alcohol, the use of cocaine in the workplace, marijuana, and many others. In order to maintain a safe working environment, a policy has to be formulated to guide the behavior of employees with regard to drug use.

Drug free workplace evaluation essay

This requires development of a program. There can be no policy without a strategy that will be used to ensure that the goals, which lead to the policy being formulated, are met.

This is the reason why many companies develop drug free workplace programs.

Drug-Free Workplace Evaluation | Essay Example

The agency has a goal to protect the health and welfare of the public as well as provide security Agency for International Development, In their quest to ensure that this is done, a policy statement on one of the factors that poses risks to health, welfare and safety, is defined.

A plan is then formulated to make sure that the program is successful in its mission. A drug free-workplace program should always have; the policy statement, employee assistance programs, supervisory training, education of the employees, the leaders appointed in different positions to guide the management of the program, drug test procedures that will be used to determine the violators of the rules and disciplinary actions against the violators Agency for International Development, Training of Supervisors This is another important issue in substance free workplace program.

The supervisors are trained on the policy procedures that will help achieve the target of the company. This is training on testing employees that abuse the drugs, what disciplinary actions are necessary, and if no disciplinary action not taken, then the employee is referred to employee assistance program.

The supervisors should be able to understand all about the policy as they are the people responsible for the maintenance of compliance to the policy Agency for International Development, Creating Awareness Through Education Employees too have to know about the program and the drug-free workplace policy.

The supervisor is responsible for the training in some cases while some companies choose well trained personnel to educate the employees about the drug-free work place policy.

The policy is under a program that should have employee assistance programs which they should be informed of, so that if they have problems with drug abuse, they could be assisted. The supervisor is responsible for training the employee on illegal drug use and recording performance and behavior of the employees.

The supervisors should be able to note the behaviors and the performance that is below the required standards due to drug abuse Agency for International Development, This, in a drug-free workplace program is a program within a program, meant to help the employees get out of the addictive situation of using the abusive drugs.

It involves counseling mostly and may be provided by the company or an external organization offering the services. The company can assists the employee by paying for the counseling fees and other requirements of the external counseling program Agency for International Development, Drug Testing The kind of policy a company makes influences the type of tests to be done to determine the violators of the rules.

Organizations with drug-free workplace plans have policies on different drugs or just one policy for a combination of drugs that cause harm or lack of performance at the workplace.2 Drug-Free Workplace Evaluation Substance abuse in the American workforce is on the rise.

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Not only is this troubling trend bad for employees, but it is also bad for business. Specifically, drug abuse is associated with high instances of employee absenteeism, accidents, turnover, and decreased morale. This document contains PSY Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Importance of Drug Policies in the Workplace Paper Get a 15 % discount on an order above $ Use the following coupon code: SAVE15 ORDER NOW.

2 Drug-Free Workplace Evaluation Paper Intro – Steven The importance of a drug free work place cannot be emphasized enough. A company functioning with out a policy enforced to prohibit drug use in the work place creates an . low level drug dealers = low hanging fruit.

low level drug dealers statistically have darker skin.

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Escobar is a good example of a high level drug dealer who was untouchable his only mistake. Notable in this report are a definition of the problem, a distinction between serious and nonserious use, some projections about problem distribution, recognition of the importance of informal social controls in the workplace, suggestions for a "drug-free" work culture, and a program for primary prevention of drug abuse in the workplace.

Drug testing is an important part of the hiring process and routine maintenance of owning a company for many reasons. It’s proven to be the best preventive measure in ensuring the safety of your workplace.

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