Brother can you spare a dime

It's time to be great again. Time to build a new kind of railroad, and make it run. Time to build a new kind of tower.

Brother can you spare a dime

Mar 20, Pamela R rated it liked it Milton Meltzer is a fantastic author. His writing is excelent.


This book has an amazing amout of information on The Great Depression. It gives you a point of view of the causes of the depression that most textbooks don't provide.

The layout was very good and I enjoyed learning more than I was originally taught. However, if learning more is not your cup of tea this book would not be particularily your favorite.

If Milton Meltzer is a fantastic author. If you do enjoy learning beyond the textbooks than this is an awesome book to go and check out of your public library.

To view it, click here. I LOVE this book! I even offered to buy it from my beloved local library. They thought I was joking; so would I! I learned a lot about some possible causes for the Great Depression, which was a burning question I had, and I explored what American life was like socially, individually, economically, and politically during the years It is nearly unfathomable that this dire time happened not even a hundred years ago.

The book covers the Roaring Twenties; socialism, the incumbent Hoover Republican administration, and the incoming FDR Democratic administration; the labor movement, strikes, and push-back from companies; sharecropping, coal mining, and abject poverty; the "let them eat cake" divide of the classes; the struggle of local governments and charity organizations to provide without federal support; the naked exploitation of children, black, and female workers; and how the wealthy capitalist giants of American industry both contributed to and weathered the hard times.

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I especially appreciated the author's ability to write concisely; use many poignant first-person accounts, newspaper stories, and era-specific illustrations; and include poems and songs whose somber melodies actually haunted me as I read.

It takes place from up until Written as an informative novel, the author explains all of the controversial happenings in that time period.

Susan Winslow most likely wrote this book so that we could have a better picture of what life was really like during the era of the Great Depression.

This book is mainly centered around the struggles that the people faced during Brother, Can You Spare a Dime by Susan Winslow is a book about life during and around the time of the Great Depression. This book is mainly centered around the struggles that the people faced during that time.

A couple themes throughout the book would be hopelessness and suffering. The people of that time had to have a great amount of hope after tragedy struck them economically. During that time, many people lost their hope and struggled to get by.

Brother can you spare a dime

I would consider this book to be an illustrated documentary.Brother, Can You Spare A Dime by Bing Crosby song meaning, lyric interpretation, video and chart position.

Lyrics to "Brother Can You Spare A Dime" song by George Michael: Once I Built A Railroad, Made It Run Made it race against time Once i built a rairoad, now it's.

The New Deal programs and agencies, created under the leadership of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, had a powerful impact on the relationship of government to the people of the United States.

Brother can you spare a dime

Yet a study of New Deal programs often leaves the student with a disconnected list of 'alphabet soup' programs. Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?: Songs and Stories from The Great Depression, is a revue with a not a show made for a major Broadway house, it has a simple intimacy that speaks one-to-one, offering heartfelt, bare-boned sentiment, humor, and empathy.

Find great deals on eBay for brother can you spare a dime. Shop with confidence. Through a composite of period newsreels and Hollywood films (which often mirrored situations of the day), this documentary film brings to life one the most wrenching periods in American history, the Great Depression of the s.

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