An analysis of camera phones

And hence my research question is whether smart phone cameras can replace digital cameras?

An analysis of camera phones

The OnePlus 6 did a good job exposing the shot, grabbing detail from the sculptures, capturing texture, and displaying vibrant colors.

The sky is bright blue in both instances, and we can see a good amount of detail in the clouds, which is always a feat. We wish the OnePlus 6 offered better dynamic range.

OnePlus 6 camera review, camera samples, and analysis

Automatic HDR was turned on for all photos, and in multiple instances detail is pretty much absent in strong shade. Most phones have a hard time with this one, though. Overall, we believe the OnePlus 6 did an exceptional job, just like most good phones in healthy lighting.

In the first couple images we see well-exposed frames, vibrant hues, and overall striking images. The OnePlus 6 camera produced some pretty photos here, but they looked a bit over processed. The colors are a bit too saturated, and the shades look dark as a result of too much contrast.

This makes for a very enticing image with less detail. While colors on the third and fourth photos are good, they lack the vibrant hues we saw in direct sunlight. Furthermore, there is a bit of a hazy effect.

Start zooming in and all the problems show up. Such is the case with the OnePlus 6 shooter. It captured the texture of the sand well, but zooming in revealed a loss in detail and signs of over-softening. The same applies to the second image, in which the clearer hair pretty much becomes a white blotch.

We can only see good detail in the hair around the eye, where the focus point was. The camera needs to do a good job evenly exposing the photo, which can be a bit hard when a strong light source like the sun is in the frame, like the photo to the left.

Given the circumstances, the OnePlus 6 did a pretty good job getting details from the sky and the faraway cliffs in the first image.

From Selfies to Portraits

The rocks in the front are a bit underexposed, but that is to be expected unless you have some heavy-duty HDR.

Given the circumstances, this is not a horrible shot. The phone handled the other photos much better. The images are evenly exposed, and we can find pretty good detail even in the shade.

This is a good technique, but it is not foolproof. Many phones struggle deciding where the draw the line to keep certain objects focused and others blurred out. I must say the OnePlus 6 actually did a good job here.

Nothing looked off enough to really catch my attention unless I really looked hard. It even did a good job outlining my hair, which is something only a couple phones have been able to do well.

OnePlus 6 camera specs

I was going to give this category a score of 6, but the outstanding job outlining subjects gives the OnePlus 6 an extra point. For these images I forced HDR on and the results were pretty disappointing.

High dynamic range evenly exposes a frame with multiple levels of light. The end result was an image with reduced highlights, increased shadows, and an even exposure. To see HDR performance we have to look closer at the shaded areas of the frame, as well as the more lit ones. It should bring them closer together to make a more evenly exposed shot.

In the first image we can see the food truck to the right is too dark, as is the area under the arches, in the back.

The second shot was taken from inside the garage, looking out, where there is direct sunlight. As you can see, HDR performed so poorly part of the ground outside is blown out.

The shaded areas in front of the car are also pretty harsh.electronics devices, especially mobile phones, battery ca-pacity is severely restricted due to constraints on size and weight of the device. This implies that energy effi-ciency of these devices is very important to their usabil-ity.

Hence, optimal management of power consumption of these devices is critical. The "Dual Lens Cameras in Smartphones: Global Industry Analysis & Outlook ()" report has been added to Research and Markets' offering.

An analysis of camera phones

Initially, dual camera as a feature in the. Camera mobile phones are only a recent invention but they sure have the world going gaga over them already.

An analysis of camera phones

Technology threatens show more content One of the main inventions of the mobile phone industries was a camera in the phone. The approach provides a facile method for performing colorimetric analysis in a wide range of settings, from the high school chemistry laboratory, in the field, and the research laboratory.

Introducing Colorimetric Analysis with Camera Phones and Digital Cameras: An Activity for High School or General Chemistry - Journal of Chemical Education. title = "Introducing colorimetric analysis with camera phones and digital cameras: An activity for high school or general chemistry", abstract = "A common task in chemistry is the determination of concentration of unknown compounds.

Growing popularity of social networking and the trend of sharing images over various platforms have led to the growth of the digital camera industry This research report analyzes the digital camera industry, which does not include digital cameras in mobile phones and tablets.

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